Jocelyn Mariah St. Denis (joc7733) wrote,
Jocelyn Mariah St. Denis

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It is SO nice out, and I am pretty bored.
I kind of feel like swimming but I don't feel like getting my hair wet, haha
Maybe later?
EMILY is coming over tonight! djghdskjgldskgs!!!!

I look so white

Saturday was Amanda's(amandakitkat) going away party.
I don't think she knows how much I am going to miss her.
She's going to be all the way in Chicago.
I can't even believe it.
I can't believe everyone is going to college.
It doesn't even seem like it to me yet.
I still feel like I'm getting ready for another year of regular school.

Jimmy is leaving on Fridday for FLORIDA!!
I will miss him too
All he does is make fun of me but I know he's just kidding
He's such a cutie.

This was pointless.

<3 Jocelyn

Joel - I miss you!
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