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2.i love ice cream so much I used to eat it every day.
2.i have lived in the same house my entire life (3 different rooms though).
3.i get excited over the smallest things.
4.i had braces for a year and a half.
5.i am eighteen years old.
6.i start college on September 2nd.
7.i am very afraid of snakes.
8.i miss my monroe.
9.i like to hug everyone.
10.i LOVE the beach.
11.i miss my mom. time the dentist filed my teeth and i cried about it for like 3 days.
13.i have a sunburn on my back.
14.if i had a million dollars i'd be rich.
15.i can't wait for the next season of the oc.
16.i love big d and the kids table.
17.i love with all of my heart.
18.i think that new york city is gorgeous.
19.i live with my best friend
20.i don't feel like i have as many friends as i used to.
21.i want to lose ten pounds or more.
22.i have a lot of freckles.
23.i get distracted verrry easily.
24.i haven't been in umass hospital in almost 7 years because it makes me cry.
25.i love soccer.
26.i want to succeed so badly.
27.i am independant.
28.i have 28 pairs of shoes, not including my bucket of sandals. makes me WICKED hyper.
30.i pee alot.
31.i love my job.
32.i am so excited for Against Me!.
33.i love watching movies.
34.i wish someone would fall in love with me and i would fall in love with them.
35.i wish that i could dance.
36.i wish that people would call me.
37.i wish i could keep my room clean.
38.i want my hair to grow back really badly.
39.i took dance for six years.
40.i played soccer for 14 years.
41.i used to horse back ride.
42.i love kisses on the forehead.
43.i love juiceboxes.
44.i love flying.
45.i was forced to grow up really fast.
46.i want to make more things for people and have more people send me things.
47.i love mail.
48.i wish i had skinnier legs.
49.i have a freckle on my left boob.
50.tomatoes make me gag.
51.i've never tried lobster but the smell has convinced me that i hate it.
52.i am a libra and most of what astrologers say about libras is true about me.
53.i love getting butterflies.
54.i write my thoughts down on paper a lot.
55.i love to read.
56.i love flip flops.
57.i love when it snows.
58.i have never had sex.
59.i want so badly to belive that there is truth and love is real.
60.i want to get married.
61.i think hand holding is probably one of the cutest things ever. the past year i lost a very good friend.
63.i have a turtle named Jeremy.
64.i often put other people before myself.
65.i wish i dind't have bills to pay.
66.i am in the grammar police.
65.i really like massachusetts .
66.i wish i had more money to buy things. back hurts.
68.i have never been fishing.
69.i know how to knit.
70.i think that there are alot of beautiful things in the world that i have forgotten about recently.
71.i cry about stupid things.
72.i have been feeling sick lately.
73.i miss Amanda.
74.i want you to send me things.
75.i love mall chinese food.
76.i like to dance even though i can't.
77.i miss being little.
78.i miss you.
79.i really like purple.
80.i have red bedsheets.
81.i love blue eyes.
82.i love brown eyes.
83.i love green eyes.
84.i met Hot Rod Circuit last week.
85.i have too many clothes.
86.i am wicked tired.
87.i always wear my seatbelt.
88.i stole some of the things on this survey.
89.i love Bon Jovi.
90.i mithink joel is the funniest boy.
91.i think tony is also the funniest boy.
92.i miss seeing joel as much as i used to.
93.i like when people rub my back.
94.i think Jimmy is one of the cutest boys.
95.i love laughing SO MUCH.
96.i love so much.
97.i want to have an abundance of money.
98.i'm either really shy or really outgoing.
99.i think smiles can be contagious.
100.i want to say if youre reading this please comment with 10 things about yourself.


<3 Jocelyn
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