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STDURTJUMPA: if there was a love'o'meter
STDURTJUMPA: id be like surfing the top of it for you
j o c 7 7 3 3: :-):-):-)

I love Anthony(aka Fuzzy), and he loves me back :D
I am actually in a good mood :D

[1]First name? Jocelyn
[2]Middle name? Mariah
[3]Last name? St. Denis

[4]Nicknames? Joce, Josie, Jaws, and probably some others.
[5]Gender? Female
[6]Birthday? 10.01.85
[7]Age? 18
[8]Sign? Libra
[9]Single? Yessssssssssss
[10]Who is the lucky someone? Nobodyyyy.
[11]Have you ever been in love? Being in love is a mutual feeling.
[12]Who are your crushes? I'm pretty sure everybody knows who they are...
[13]Your hair is? Naturally brown. Right now it is a very dark brown.
[14]Your eyes are? Blue

[15]Are you pierced? 7 in ears, 2 in belly button.
[16]Any former piercings? Monroe, labret.
[17]Any wanted piercings? I kinda miss them.
[18]Any ink? Yes.
[19]What ink do you want? I'm kind of undecided.
[20]Are you tall? HAHAH no
[21]Weight? 865398634963 lbs
[22]Do you smoke? No.
[23]Do your friends? Some of them
[24]Closest friends? Shannon, Emily, Joel, Amanda, Jen.
[25]Best friends? See above.
[26]Online best friends? Who has online best friends? Seriously.
[27]Funniest friend? Shannon/Tony
[28]Smartest friend? Amanda/Dean
[29]Dumbest friend? I don't even know
[30]Most outgoing? Maura/I don't know a boy really
[32]Favorite quote? I don't even know one right now.
[33]Favorite number? 16, 7
[34]Favorite food? Mac and Cheese, Chinese.
[35]Least Favorite food? I haven't tried it, but I don't like lobster.
[36]Favorite movie? jfhskdjhg Too many
[37]Favorite song? I can't decide
[38]Favorite color? Purple, Blue, green.
[39]Time of day? Night time.
[40]Dusk or dawn? aww.
[41]Scent? Boys always smell good.
[42]Type of music? SKA.
[43]Rap or Hip hop? I love it all.
[44]Punk or metal? punk.
[45]Last person kissed? Really kissed = joel, little kiss = justin p, i think haha

[46]Last hugged? I think it was Jimmy, when we were all saying goodbye?.
[47]Last thing ate? I had an ice coffee, and before that it was french fries.

[48]Last person talked to on phone? I honestly don't remember the last time I had a phone call
[49]Would you trust them with your life? Maybe, if I remembered who it was.
[50]How long was your longest relationship? HAHAHA, it doesn't even matter cause it was in 5th grade.
[51]How long have you been in love? again, it's a mutual feeling.
[52]Bath and Body or Store stuff? Bath and Body
[53]Sports? Soccer, baseball.
[54]Hobbies? Soccer, shows, etc.
[55]Turn ons? Being funny, nice eyes, nice teeth, niceness, etc.
[56]Turn offs? being dirty, in more ways than one.
[57]What are you wearing? Jean skirt, purple striped shirt, white headband, white belt, white underwear with whales on it, black bra.
[58]Do you like to shop? Yes.
[59]What shampoo do you use? Whatever is in the shower.
[60]Body wash? Soap.
[61]Toothpaste? Crest
[62]What lyrics describe your life right now? kjdskjgdaj
[63]Do you look like anyone famous? No.
[64]The time is? 1:20 AM
[65]What time did you wake up? at 9:45, then back to bed, then up again off and on until about 12:30
[66]You are listening to? Dashboard heh
[67]You are thinking about? cute boys.
[68]You will get married? Yes, someday.
[69]Favorite girl names? I don't even know.
[70]Favorite guy names? I don't even know.
[71]Siblings? Joe- 23, Gabby - 15
[72]Name? Read Above.
[73]Hottest person in your school? I don't even remember, probably Kenny Baker
[74]Cell phone? In my bag.
[75]Memory..Bad..? One time I had to get stiches in my eye lid.
[76]Memory..Good..? One time, I almost won a state championship for soccer.
[77]Do you like soda? Yes.
[78]What kind..? Coca COla
[79]Are you on a diet? Nahhh.
[80]Your last sig. other was...? My last boyfriend was Chris Ferris

[81]How did it end..? He had a one month rule.
[82]Do you wear jewelry? most of the time
[83]What do you wear? Big earrings, belly button rings.
[84]Ocean or pool? I love the beach.
[85]Favorite school subject? English.
[86]Worst school subject? I don't even know.
[87]How many sleeping hours do you get? it varies.
[88]Do you get along with your family? No.
[89]What is your striving job outside of school when graduating? i dont evenkn ow
[90]Do you swear a lot? not usually.
[91]In front of parents? never
[92]Opinion on religion? People can believe whatever they want; they are not, however, allowed to expect acceptance. ((taken from Devin))
[93]Since when? A long time.
[94]Opinion on government? I don't know enough about it.
[95]Why? gklg.
[96]Where is all your time spent? On this stupid computer
[97]Do you like where you live? Yeah, most of the time.
[98]Where do you live? Northbridge, MA.
[99]Where do you want to move to? Somewhere warm.
[100]Why? I like it.
Most recent hair:

I have been straying away from this thing.
I guess I just don't have much to write about.

Kenny is down from Canada. :D
I missed him <3


<333 Jocelyn
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