Jocelyn Mariah St. Denis (joc7733) wrote,
Jocelyn Mariah St. Denis

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All of a sudden I just got wicked pissed off.
I have so much to say right now but I don't even know if I should write it in here.

I don't really hate my dad but I hate what he does and kjdkjdgsfkgsd!!
I hate every boy except for Tony. ((well, last night that's what I said))
I hate that I washed my pillow cases.
I hate heartbreaks.
I hate how I can't keep my room clean.
I hate crying so much that it makes your heart and belly hurt.
I hate that I have to work, even though I love my job.
I hate that the Central Turnpike summer has to end with Emily.
I hate that Amanda is going to Chicago
I hate that Jen isn't going to be a 5 minute ride away from me
I hate that Satchel isn't either.
I hate growing up.

I love my friends.

Working 4-close at the Bellingham Newbury Comics.
Come and visiiiit meeee. please? <3

<3 Jocelyn
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