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Fear and loathing on cape cod up in maine

This weekend was one of the best EVER
I love Big D and The Kids Table soooo much
I love the RX Bandits
I love Shannon!!!!!
I love Emily!!!!!!!!!
I love fricking TINA PAUL
I love the Zipper
I like yelling even if the ride isn't scary
I don't like people who cut the line in orange shirts.
I love watching people sky dive and I want to do it really bad.
Putting up a tent can be hard
At one point the fire was so hit it felt like my pants were melting to me
I made drunk people dance with me, haha
I made Tina and Emily dance with me
Emily wanted to see how far the runway went but we all know how I feel about the woods and I knew that we were going to end up too deep!
Dave's Kitties (FUR real, wee baby kitty)
Sean P Rogan is the cutest
Paul Alex Halpaney
Jon has my sweatshirt . . .
That guy with the tight pants was passed out and it was funny

Shannon's Gram is probably the nicest grandmother I have ever met and she makes such good food!
I tried this apple dumpling thing for the first time yesterday with Shannon. It was SO good.

I wish I could write more about it but I don't even know
I'm really tired because I woke up at 4:45 this morning for crew practice.

<3 Jocelyn Mariah St. Denis
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